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Be inspired

Be inspired

Do you know how to cultivate your friendships?

« Friends are like eyeglasses. They make you look smart, but get…

1 June 2018
Be inspired

To know how to give feedback in the family as well as in the office

Have you ever known anything like that? A new intern who…

18 May 2018
Be inspired

How to stimulate your creativity ?

You’re at the zero level of creativity right now? Finding a…

14 May 2018
Be inspired

Digital politeness : smooth everyday organisation

When we want to get organised at the office, as a…

16 March 2018
Be inspired

New Organisation in 2018!

Nostalgic for 2017? Not really… It’s already time to move on…

22 December 2017
Be inspired

How to avoid the mental load?

The mental load is the state of being constantly preoccupied by…

26 May 2017
Be inspired

The beauty essentials of an organized mom !

The beauty essentials of an organized mom !   Lip balm…

2 May 2017
Be inspired

What is your ideal week?!

It’s not easy to reconcile personal life, family life and professional…

25 April 2017
Be inspired

Self-employed Mum – Salaried Mum: what is the ideal solution?

How can you reconcile your personal life with your professional life? What is the…

20 January 2017