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Have you ever known anything like that? A new intern who gets the wrong case? Your child coming home from school with a great mark in one hand and a slightly below average mark in the other? Some communication problems in your family life or at the office?


“Feedback” is that what you’re saying? We go back to the drawing board!


When you hear “Feedback” we are talking about what is close enough to traditional management methods such as reorganization, clarification of a content… In short, it’s the idea of managing and guiding a team.


Ready for the take-off? We’re taking on board!


Positive Feedback, or when well-being and communication are one! 😄


Come on and let’s repeat, “there’s no problem, there’s only solutions.”


Because yes, even in a time of stress it is important to remain positive, to listen, to be heard but above all, to be well understood: it is the art of communication. So how do we do it? How does it work? A little miracle recipe? You can ask Sophie, she’ll tell you like us, communication is essential!


With family or at the office, start by choosing the right time, the right place and prepare your words. You become a creator of exchange which means that you manage to communicate while keeping in mind that your main objective is to build better, together.


Identify problems + Constructive communication = Gain of self-confidence for all!


The fear of being reprimanded or vice versa, how to reprimand? These are situations that are often difficult to manage, but don’t panic, we can explain.


“I like the initiative”, “This is a great idea!”: Shows that you are interested and always open to discussion. It’s a very effective way to promote healthy and well-balances relationships.


Remember, your role is to encourage a spirit of solidarity and get the best out of the people around you. You will then be proud of them and proud of yourself.


Learn to give to receive better.


Did you know that smiling is contagious too? It cost nothing and only brings calm and serenity, so just smile! Spread your joy and your good mood, say “thank you”, do not hesitate a single moment to highlight the contribution of your employees to the project that drives the company. To know how to give to get the better in return. This is what positive feedback is all about. It should not be exceptional but daily, so it is imperative to promote dialogue or to ask if everything is clear in everyone’s mind, because once well established, feedback can represent immediate and positive benefits on the performance and commitment of your teams or avoid conflicts.


“The Feedback” method, tested and approved by the Coorganiz team!

Organizing yourself with others has never been easier !
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