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You’re at the zero level of creativity right now? Finding a birthday present, a business solution or a weekend idea is impossible? Anyway, your creativity is on strike, it’s seasonal.

So, to get your imagination out of the closet, here are the latest creativity techniques to try alone or with others.


No more brainstorming!


Throw out all your ideas on paper, or worse, ask everyone to imagine improbable solutions… The old brainstorming has done its time. And so much the better because anyone who has already brainstormed at home or at work will be able to tell you that no brilliant idea has even come out… Indeed, it is important to agree, vote by show hands or on post-in: in short, everything is done to agree on the least rupturist solution. So, out brainstorming!


And what about the mind mapping?


Follow how your brain works to unleash its full potential. That’s a liberating promise. Just by reading it I already feel like I’ve won some neurons, don’t you? In fact, it’s all about mapping your brain’s path on a subject or idea to simplify and develop it. So, it’s like a giant tree, you move from one branch to another by putting your associations of ideas in pictures. It’s graphic, efficient and you can do it alone with others. All you need is a nice paper support or there are free applications like Mind 42 or Coogle to move to the digital area.


Funniest, the body storm


To use at all ages, at home and in the office. Each participant, or yourself if you are alone, takes the role of a user of the solution, or of the idea. An idea for the weekend, ask your kids to put themselves in your shoes! An idea to solve this recruitment problem? Put yourself in the shoes of a colleague from another department. It’s a role-playing game, in which you shouldn’t hesitate to stand up and truly put yourself in the user’s shoes. Useful for the holiday destination for example, as well as for the choice of recruitment solution: putting oneself in the other’s shoes is an exercise that stimulates our creativity through imagination and empathy. No more arguing for one’s own interests or staying in one’s own corner.


How about we move on to the anti-problem?


You have no idea at all? Zero, nada? Maybe if you could find some solutions for the anti-problem it would help? For example, if you had no idea of a topic for this week’s blog… the anti-problem would be: but how would you choose the best idea among all the wonderful ideas you would have (not) had this week? Well, you would take the 100 most read themes of the week on personal organizing topics, and you would ask 5 people at the office to choose the one they like? Bingo! You see the deal… It also works very well for: how would we organize a real rotten weekend? The worst recruitment in the world? And so on.


The game of colors:


Easy: each color represents a way of thinking. You draw a color and think about the problem with the way of thinking about the color. What imagination! If you are on your own, you make one color after another, if you are in group, each one draws a color. White: you are neutral and stick to the facts. Red: emotions. Black: pessimistic, think of the risks. Yellow: optimistic, think about opportunities. Green: creative, free to go out of the frame. Blue: organizer, sort previous ideas. The method is fun and productive because in general there are more ideas being another than oneself. And yes, creativity can take advantage of our bad quirks!


Your creativity is refreshed? We wondered if the green and blue of our octopus Coorganiz logo represented well the colors of our creativity…


And we figured yes! So, we made a little call to the team for Friday: a little creative coffee, just to keep our neuros in shape. Half an hour of Body-storm? Everyone answered present! Isn’t that amazing?


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