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How can you transform your day using simple gestures?

We asked some super organised mums, and every evening they take time to perform a few routine actions before bed that change their daily lives. Here are the things that organised mums do before bed.

A quick look at each person’s schedule for the next day and the coming days: you don’t have to know everything and organise everything all the time. There is a dedicated moment in the day for planning; it takes five minutes and your brain no longer has to make an effort to remember everything. That is what timetables are for! They prevent you from forgetting one person’s picnic and another one’s business trip…

Write down (or enter into your smartphone) a list of five personal and professional priorities to achieve over the course of the next day. Now that it’s written down you won’t have to think about it again before you go to bed or worse still during the night… Your brain assimilates the fact of writing them down and is already partially taking care of them. That box is ticked and you are more relaxed. Choose 5 priorities that you can achieve, not a wish list…

Set your mobile to silent and put it away once you have set the alarm. No excuses, you should have checked in to Facebook earlier… we don’t need to remind you about the consequences of screen lights before going to sleep: you have already certainly preached to your children about it…

Spend fifteen minutes (no more!) anticipating the logistics of the next day: prepare what stresses you in the morning, what you regularly forget or what the morning arguments tend to focus on (programming the washing machine, preparing your outfit or your sports bag, setting the breakfast table…). It may not be glamorous, but it’s very useful for keeping the morning conversations calm as a family or as part of a couple.

Now do whatever you like for at least 30 minutes off-screen: some gentle stretches, reading, breathing, doing nothing, scrapbooking, lovemaking… you are free to choose your routine. You will relax your body and your brain before finding sleep that will be more restorative and above all, you give some time to yourself and this is important for recharging your batteries in self-esteem and creativity.

5 things that organized mums do before sleep: 5 really simple routines for more efficient and above all more peaceful days!

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