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Is everything moving too fast?

We spoke to some professionals to learn how to simplify our lives: hassle free tips that you can start applying tomorrow!        

Ah, if only I could make my life simpler!

You love your life, your adorable children (well, not all the time, but mostly!), yourself (the same applies!), and even your job on a good day! And we won’t mention your other half because we only offer organisational tips here at Coorganiz….

Anyway, all in all, things aren’t too bad, except there is too much to do, and time is flying by too fast! Are you enjoying the film, but you feel as though it is on fast-forward? The days are too full, the nights are too short and above all, there is no time to sit down! In fact, what you would like is the same life, only simpler, less packed, one you can enjoy, where you can take a breather…

If you still haven’t found the pause button, we went to see some simple life professionals to ask them for tips that are easy to implement starting tomorrow. Because simpler should also mean easy…


Véronique, business coach: use the Jackpot question.

Your boss/associate/husband/child comes up to you and proceeds to beat around the bush, get confused, not get to the point and take up too much of your time…Wait for the first interruption and ask the Jackpot question: “What do you want from me?” Once they get over their surprise, the answer will be direct and precise. It’s up to you whether you say yes or no!


Anna, entrepreneur: apply the One day-One step method.

Do you have an extra project in addition to all the ones you are already juggling? Whatever it may be: whether reorganising the cupboards or looking at a career change, finding an entire weekend or several evenings a week is complicated, and above all will not leave you enough time to rest mentally so that you can be on tip top form at work or for your other activities the next day. Spread your project out and devote a few minutes to it every day. Half a cupboard, an interesting article, one lesson… Imagine – if you take 365 of those little steps, then you will go far…


Pierre, yoga instructor: take time out

Do you have a ‘time out’ in your day? A moment when you do nothing….absolutely nothing? On the bus? You read or play on your phone… In a café? You chat… At sport? You are exercising!… On the sofa? You have someone who needs your arms for a quick cuddle. Find a few minutes in your day in which to do nothing at all. This will rest your brain… and allow your spirit to roam freely. That’s something that is very good for your mental space! You need to leave yourself some room to find time to live. For example: pop into a park on your way somewhere, sit down at a café for a quick coffee with yourself, lie on your bed for a few minutes when you get home before you hurry to put the dinner on. It’s doable, but it’s not easy to allow yourself to do it, or organise it.


Samia, psychologist: scrap things

The “scrapping things” technique consists of making a list of everything that is weighing you down and crossing off anything that is not vital. Don’t shrug your shoulders! We all do dozens of useless thing out of a sense of obligation or perfectionism. So let’s do what the therapist says and scrap or delegate some things. Household chores, family duties, shopping, children’s activities, work files… now that you have your list, be intransigent.


Perrine, organisational coach: unity of place

The simple life involves putting a maximum number of things in the same place to prevent wasting time and energy on journeys. Plan your route like a logistical expert! Group activities and school runs, get shopping delivered, ask for work from home days! Take control of the diaries and the travel schedule: after all, you’re in charge at home, right?

Thanks to the coaches for these tips for a simpler life!

I get the feeling that I am going to seriously review that 30 minute drive to the pony lesson that ruins my Saturday and that my daughter doesn’t seem to love all that much… I am also going to get my shopping delivered, and ask my hubby to do two school runs in the morning… speaking of which, the Jackpot question is going to be very useful: get to the point!

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