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Do you, like us, have so many things that you wanted to do in 2016 but you didn’t get around to them?

Well, unless you’ve been completely distracted, did you know that there is actually a good reason for each thing that you didn’t do!

Quite a discovery! And I thought that I simply had to find more time!

The revelation took place during an individual coaching session.

I admitted to my coach that despite motivating myself, I regularly skip meetings or appointments that bore me: “You know, I always think that I have the time, and in the end I have another meeting, or I have to go home to take care of the children…I really need to be better organised!”

He replied: “Ah, but you skip them because none of these appointments have any real consequences on your personal objectives! They are not important for you, so you don’t go.”

Yes, but why don’t I say no to all those people right from the beginning?

“Because that is one of the inevitabilities of the way you were taught to conduct your professional life, but it’s not the one that you live or practice.”

So, to summarise; everything that we don’t do is because it is not important to us at that time? Bullseye!

Here’s a good opportunity to change the way we look at 2016 and our ambitions for 2017!

Make a list of all the things you didn’t do in 2016: they all hold meaning for your deep-rooted motivations.

And in the end, you took that time to do something else.

  • I didn’t do that training course because I preferred to continue working on that other project, or to go home earlier during the week: it’s because I like my job the way it is at the moment, or I decided to give preference to my family this year.
  • I didn’t do that dreaded diet, or take up that sport: no deep motivation!
  • I didn’t take time for such and such a cause or such and such a person: in the end, it’s not that important to me.


What is sure is that if we no longer hide behind a lack of time, and we take an objective look at the things we didn’t take the time to do, it says a lot about our genuine motivations in 2016.

And about the fact that we certainly won’t do better in 2017 without a major change in perspective…

So no more resolutions – here’s to genuine motivation! And you can’t decide to be motivated; it comes about through desire or necessity, so in 2017 I’m going to stop turning everything that I know I’m not going do into an objective!

So, no good resolutions for 2017? Why not just try one new thing to see if you want to do it? Or don’t?!

Congratulations! You’re ready for 2017!

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