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If you want to improve your relationship with your childminder, here are some good ideas to better delegate to your nanny.

What happens in my home when I am not there? Are my children safe while I’m at work? Will my childminder be up to the challenge today? These are questions that all parents ask themselves and they often have an influence on the tasks that they entrust to the people who look after their children. Let’s look together at how to answer them in order to better delegate to your childminder.

Understand the principles of co-education to better delegate to your childminder

Co-education is based on the principle that the parents and adults surrounding a child share collective responsibility in his or her education. If you immediately think of school or group frameworks when you think of co-education, then you are forgetting that every adult who takes care of your children has a place when it comes to guiding them.

Your nanny or childminder has her own point of view and experience with children. She can genuinely add to their learning experience, on condition that you give her room to do so. Do not hesitate to delegate a certain number of tasks that are usually performed by the parents. This will allow your child to blossom and it will also considerably lighten your load around the house.

What daily chores should I give to my childminder?

Better delegating to your childminder also involves accepting to entrust him or her with some household chores, so long as this does not interfere with the work with the children. These tasks can be performed while the children are napping or while they are at an outside activity. For example, you can ask your childminder to:

  •     Prepare meals,
  •     Do the dishes and clean the kitchen,
  •     Tidy your children’s things.

It can also be of interest to entrust your childminder with daily chores that can be performed with your children, depending on their ages of course. In particular, this can include tidying their room or preparing their schoolbag. They can also, to a certain extent, take part in clearing the table, for example.

Accept the separation from your child to better delegate

Very often, in order to better delegate to your childminder, you must learn how to separate from your child and accept that he or she can be entrusted to someone outside the core family in complete safety. And this is not always as easy as it might seem.

We all have our own ways with the children, but it is not because there are differences between them that other ways of doing things are better or worse. You are in the habit of serving meals at a particular time, of reading a particular story to your child before her nap…. While this method undoubtedly works, it could be enriching for your child to be faced with a different way of doing things.

This will contribute to her growth and especially to her grasp on independence.

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