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The 5 apps you need on your smartphone!

It will come as no surprise to you to learn that here at Coorganiz we are always looking for the best ways to save time and get the most out of our busy days as entrepreneurs, parents, sporty people and everything else that interests us in life.


So to be on top on things, here are the 5 apps that we currently recommend:

Dashlane: a single password for all your accounts in the blink of an eye. You can switch your brain off: even the dusty old password to that site you haven’t visited since the late 90s will be updated. No more brain space taken up by passwords; that’s worth a fortune!


Babysittor: based on the principle that when it comes to minding our little monsters we prefer to find a baby-sitter who comes with a recommendation and in view of the success of Facebook pages for sharing those rare pearls who are nice, available on Saturday evenings and know how to make pancakes with Nutella, babysittor was born. Tonight you can have a babysitter who comes recommended and head to the cinema with a weight off your mind.


Shapr: the networker’s Tinder… a nice way to prepare for your next job, without having to announce it on LinkedIn. A new sector, a new skill, a new company? Choose from among the profiles that interest you, and chat or go for coffee with someone who won’t give you waffle, someone who can hand you the keys to your next career move.


Teeps: Home improvements, wine, fashion? No time to spend hours scouring the web for the perfect item? Of course not, you are a busy person. So, it’s simple! A Teeps expert will make some fantastic offers based on your brief and your budget – all you have to do is choose. Bingo! You get that great little designer lamp without the hassle. The expert is paid by the brand and you don’t pay extra. Did somebody say comfortable?


CityMapper: Like Google maps only better, with train and bus timetables. This is quite a time saver, especially when you can save your favourite journeys. Real time traffic, buses running late… you can always choose the best option.  Not every city is available as yet, but Citymapper is gaining ground, and the interface almost gives you the impression that you have a friend who is with you everywhere you go…

That’s our selection of Apps that are worthy of a place in your phone, next to Coorganiz of course, to organise together everything that is close to your heart.


By the way, have you seen the drop off/pick up option in Coorganiz? What do you mean, not yet… how are you organising your car pool runs??? Okay, we’ll let you off this time….!!


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