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Here we go again – noses are running, yours and your children’s…  a weekend of broken sleep is on the horizon!

Here are some organisational tips to avoid transforming your home into a dispensary over the coming weeks, and to avoid spending Christmas looking like a zombie.


At home: it’s time to open the windows!

What? It’s cold outside! Yes, but indoor germs can multiply fast and it is important to air the rooms of your home daily to prevent this (experts say for 30 minutes). So, organise yourself so that you can air all of the rooms, especially the bedrooms, for a few minutes before you leave for work in the morning.


No used tissues in pockets – straight into the bin!

Buy disposable tissues, soap and dehumidifiers (a cup of water on the radiator works too!). To keep germs at bay, remember to only use tissues once and teach your children to do the same.


The same applies to washing hands:

Soap and water when you get home, after using the toilet and before eating. Disinfectant gels are not necessary unless you are travelling or there is no water nearby.


A tip from Claire, mum to twins:

“I put gloves on them as soon as it turns cold, so they have less hand to mouth contact… and the immediate result is fewer colds. I do the same myself, because I take public transport every day.”


Bath time:

Use separate towels and don’t share baths: with a little organisation each person can have their own towel and napkin. No more sharing scarves, hats or bibs either.

On the other hand, there is no problem washing everything in the same machine. Use an anti-bacterial washing powder/liquid and wash at higher temperatures.



Stock up on natural vitamin C and probiotics. Eat oranges and yoghurts as part of a balanced diet.



Finally, you need to organise a major clean of all the parts of the house that are liable to shelter bacteria or viruses – the fridge, toilets and kitchen counter should be your priority. Remember to change sponges, toothbrushes and soothers more often.


Leave shoes and schoolbags in the hall: this habit can be kept up all year round.


There you have it – now you have a well-organised line of defence against winter bacteria and viruses.


A nice cup of hot tea and back under the duvet: what do you mean I’m not sick?!


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