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So, have you found your inspirational project for 2017? Remember, we said no resolutions -just motivation?


Well then, to get on with achieving your super project, you are going to let go of all the other tasks that are not necessarily indispensable, and spend less time on the ones that you cannot avoid.


This is where the household logistics and their set of domestic joys intervene!

Your partner is turning a deaf ear to the call, however irresistible, of the domestic chores, and you can feel yourself beginning to boil… because if you’re going to take that course, go back to figure skating (seriously?), or have one evening to yourself during the week, you are going to have to share the jobs and get organised.


Shopping, washing, housework or quality time with the little darlings… choose what you are going to delegate to your partner. Have you done that? Good, because that leaves everything else!

Yes, you probably do spend twice as much time on the household chores than he does, so there is a strong possibility that there are still some left for you to do, or that you have jobs that you keep for yourself. For example, I don’t let anyone else take control of the fridge because that would mean pizza/ice cream or ice cream pizza every day with a little hummus on the side, so no!


In order to optimise the shopping logistics, here are some simple principles suggested by professionals on this subject:


  • Annie is a chef: “At home I cook twice a week and I freeze everything. In the evening I’m at the restaurant, so I don’t have time to cook and I want my children to eat healthy food. I cook on Monday and Thursday using fresh produce and I work it around a single ingredient: cooked tomatoes mean lasagna, ratatouille and Basque chicken.”


  • Several of you cook together: one dad with a big family has made it his Saturday morning activity. “My wife and I go to the market and then cook: it’s a nice time to spend together and makes us feel that we are doing something good for our family.”


  • Sophie is a teacher: “I order online once a week and collect the shopping when I finish work. It’s on my way, and I don’t lose any time. I have saved a standard list, so all it takes is 10 minutes on my smartphone the day before!”


  • Pauline is a nurse and has variable hours, so she separates the shopping lists:  “Internet delivery for dry goods (water, washing powder, condiments) once a month, and I go to the market on Saturday – it’s my treat! I freeze meat and fish, and the fruit/vegetables/cheese last for the week!”



  • Linette is an accountant and she prepares her menus ahead: “The shopping is in the right amount every week and I don’t throw anything away. I display the menus on the fridge, which is practical for taking turns in the kitchen. The only freedom is with yoghurts and fruit; but if they are all gone, I don’t buy any more. The same goes for extras: orange juice, cereal bars. If they’re all gone, they have to wait until next week.”


  • Claire is a pro when it comes to regular orders: “I receive organic baskets every week, which is great! On the other hand, you need time to cook. I come home early, but it’s not the case for other mums.”


  • Charline also has standing orders, as she is often away travelling: “All the basics: water, nappies, washing powder, pasta, rice, cleaning products, etc., are on standing order. I chose Amazon, but there must be others. You need to be well-prepared and to cancel the order when you are on holidays, but apart from that you only need to buy the fresh produce.”


Well, there’s certainly food for thought about adopting a new way of organising the shopping! I think the standing orders are great, along with cooking together as a family… There’s a good resolution for 2017 (what do you mean we’re not allowed to make resolutions anymore?)

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