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The “Avis de Mamans” Awards, a blend of trends and influences!

Carreau du Temple – Paris, 10am on 28 November 2017. The…

8 December 2017

Working Mum – Being A Working Mother ?

  Read the full article at:   “Why do you…

5 May 2017

Come on machos, get to work!

22 days a year, girls!! That’s how much more time we…

24 February 2017

Domestic equality: breaking the taboos!

How can you move further along the path of equality and…

13 January 2017
Be inspired

Sweet Song: read it and reflect on it!

What to think of this best-selling French novel based on a…

10 January 2017
Coorganizing tips

How to find the good work-life balance? 

What about rebalancing your life and find the good work-life balance?…

4 November 2016

Are you sure not to be a feminist?

Be a feminist: let it go! The speeches from our opinion…

13 October 2016